Prof. Palacín at the SOM ELÈCTRICS! Congress 2019 in Spain

Prof. Mª Rosa Palacín, coordinator of CARBAT and vice-director of ICMAB-CSIC, was part of the experts selected to present at the 4th edition of the SomElectrics! congress, held at the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (mNACTEC) in Terrassa (Spain) on June 6-7, 2019.

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The goal of the SomElectrics! congress was to address the energy transition and electrical mobility in the current and future landscape by experts and companies that are committed to change. The invited talks were organised in two key themes: “Transformation and awareness” and “New systems of generation and energy consumption”.

Prof. Palacín gave a talk on "Materials resources and battery technologies, there is life beyond lithium".

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