PhD defence by Arturo Torres at UCM 2020

Arturo Torres Gutiérrez, enrolled at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid doctoral program through the CARBAT project under the supervision of Prof. M. Elena Arroyo, defended his Doctoral Thesis in November 2020. The title of the thesis is: “Estudio computacional de materiales como electrodo positivo para baterías recargables de calico” (English translation: “Computational investigation of cathode materials for rechargeable calcium batteries”). Congratulations to both of them!

The thesis is available online - you can access it here.

Evaluation of CARBAT video

As part of the communication and training activities, we are running a survey among secondary school students in Spain. The CARBAT video is a perfect tool to introduce to the younger students the relevance of Batteries in our society.
The survey is also open to the general audience - you can access it here.

'CARBAT project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme H2020-FETOPEN-1-2016-2017 (CARBAT, grant agreement No 766617).'

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